Respiratory Therapy Assessment

A thorough evaluation is part of our onboarding process for all new patients. The standardized treatment process we have created is founded on the use of the most advanced technology combined with best practices for respiratory care. At the same time, we know that every patient requires customization. Each case is assessed based on the patient’s unique needs, clinical status, and health care goals as prescribed by their doctor. As part of the onboarding process, we take care to ensure that patients and their families understand how to use the equipment and how to adhere to treatment protocols for the best health outcome.


Streamlining Patient Care for Everyone


Our goal is to provide a seamless transition into our respiratory maintenance program. We work closely with the patient’s care providers and place a high priority on clear and timely communication. In fact, one of the most important roles we play is acting as liaison with case managers, vendors, insurance companies, and other involved parties to ensure that patients receive the complete care they need. As a provider of both respiratory therapy and durable medical equipment for chronic lung disease patients, we have the ability to greatly simplify the process for everyone involved.


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