Remote Monitoring

Remote respiratory monitoring with the Vivo 50 is one of the cutting edge solutions we use to provide a better standard of care to patients with lung disorders. This technology is part of our protocol for post-discharge follow-up on high risk patients. The web-based monitoring software allows our staff to keep a close eye on treatment.


With the implementation of remote monitoring, we have found that:


  • Patients and families know that therapy and progress is being tracked over time, motivating a high level of compliance and greater peace of mind.
  • Physicians and other members of the patient’s healthcare team feel confident that their patients are receiving extra attention and care.
  • Trends and other treatment information can be tracked over time and reporting can be provided to physicians to offer insights into therapy.
  • Treatment can be more fully customized for greater patient comfort and effectiveness with fewer on-site visits.


Here are some of the items we can track:


  • FiO2
  • SpO2
  • CO2
  • Alarms
  • Waveforms
  • Numerical data
  • Short term and long term trends
  • A full year of historical data


At Pulmonary Prevention Plus, we encourage physicians and healthcare organizations to make remote monitoring part of their standard treatment for high-risk respiratory patients after discharge. Our team of experienced clinicians handles this aspect of care on an ongoing basis.


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