Education Is the Foundation of What We Do


At Pulmonary Prevention Plus, we are delighted to have the opportunity to provide education on a regular basis. We enjoy helping patients and families better understand chronic lung disease, learn to manage it, and improve their quality of life as a result.


We also have the privilege of sharing information with healthcare providers about new technology, helping them navigate the complexities of modern respiratory care. This innovative equipment, along with our unique approach to delivering patient care, has a number of benefits:


  • Streamlining and coordinating the treatment process
  • Easing the transition from in-patient to at-home settings
  • Improving the patient experience and ensuring higher compliance
  • Reducing patient readmission rates and total cost of care

For Physicians and Hospitals: Enjoy a Learning Session


We are pleased to provide targeted learning sessions for physicians and their staff throughout North Texas. Connect with us and engage in an interactive educational event that supports every staff member in delivering optimal patient care. Contact us to have Pulmonary Prevention Plus host a session at your facility.

    For Event Organizers: We Speak Out on Respiratory Care

    Closeup microphone in auditorium with people.

    Add value to an upcoming industry event with an expert speaker or panelist on the topic of Respiratory Care. The team at Pulmonary Prevention Plus has years of experience providing high-quality care to patients, partnering with healthcare systems, and leveraging state-of-the-art respiratory care technology. Contact us to help attendees learn about topics such as:


    • The latest innovations and research in the field of respiratory therapy
    • How patients and families benefit from new technology and a clinical approach to ongoing respiratory maintenance
    • How taking an integrated approach to respiratory care helps healthcare organizations achieve their goals for cost efficiency and patient outcomes


    We would love to share our insight for the continuous improvement of the respiratory care industry. Let us know how we can help!