Mobile NIOV

At Pulmonary Prevention Plus, we make the lightweight NIOV part of our standard rehabilitation routine to improve patient compliance, comfort, and mobility. Rather than being tethered to a stationary machine, patients can easily move about, carry on their daily routine, and even exercise while wearing this palm-sized respirator.

Help Patients Get Home Faster—and Stay There


Therapy with the NIOV can occur in an in-patient setting to support recovery and at home for long-term mobility. Physicians find that a mobile respiratory device can positively impact their hospital release protocol. When patients with respiratory insufficiency are able to use the NIOV as part of their in-patient treatment, they may be ready to go home days earlier than those who rely solely on a stationary device. Early ambulation is a good indicator of lower risk for hospital readmission as well.


To learn more about this innovative technology, contact us to schedule an educational presentation for your staff.

Dedicated Care Is Always Included


Our clinicians work carefully with patients to set up and familiarize them with the device, ensuring appropriate activity settings and a comfortable fit for the nasal interface. Trained staff members are available 24/7 for ongoing support to help patients get the most out of their respiratory therapy.

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    Mobile NIOV Benefits

    Simple, Smart Design for Better Breathing


    The NIOV helps deliver more air and oxygen to the patient’s lungs, reducing shortness of breath and improving the exchange of CO2 and oxygen in the lungs. As a result, less effort is required to breathe and patients feel relief. Users can adjust the settings to one of three activity levels as needed:


    • Resting
    • Activity
    • Exercise


    With an internal rechargeable battery that lasts for about four hours, this device provides freedom for users and helps them stay fully engaged with life.

    Use Cases for the NIOV


    The NIOV has been used successfully for patients with COPD, restrictive lung conditions, ALS, and lung transplants. These devices are used in a wide variety of settings:


    • General medical/surgical units
    • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
    • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
    • Emergency Services (ER)
    • Long Term Acute Care (LTAC)
    • Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)


    In clinical studies, the NIOV is associated with remarkable increases in exercise endurance and oxygen saturation. Significant reduction in Borg Dyspnea Scale and accessory respiratory muscle activation have also been noted.

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      Mobile NIOV Technology

      NIOV Device

      • 1 LB, Palm-Size Device
      • Easy to use touch screen
      • 3 Prescribed Activity Level Settings
      • 4 Hour Rechargeable Battery Life

      NIOV Accessories

      : NIOV Belt Clip

      : NIOV Battery Charger

       : Oxygen Hose

      : 50 PSI Oxygen Regulator

      : Purge Tube

      : Patient User Manual

      NIOV Nasal Pillows interface

      Oxygen cylinder (not included with NIOV)

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        Mobile NIOV

        NIOV can be customized to each patient’s requirements. Patients are able to select from the three clinician programmed activity settings that best meet their needs.


        • Inspiratory positive pressure delivery of up to 18 cmH2O
        • Total tidal volume of up to 1,150 mL
        • Delivery of synchronized volumes of air and oxygen of up to 40 BPM
        • Monitoring of respiratory rate and flow
        • High-priority alarms
        • Back-up ventilation mode

        NIOV Activity Levels

        • Resting
        • Moderate
        • Exercise

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