Hospital / Inpatient Services

At Pulmonary Prevention Plus, we know that continuity of care is crucial for respiratory patients. We work with hospitals, physicians, and patients to provide the same advanced technology and service within medical facilities as we do in the home. Our integrated approach includes provision of the best equipment, remote monitoring of patients, and consistent availability to provide education, on-site respiratory care, and equipment maintenance.


A Strong Partner for Hospitals


By providing continuous care to patients from their hospital stay through the transition back home, our team can help hospitals operate more cost-effectively and earn a reputation for providing the highest standards in respiratory care. Here are some of the ways healthcare organizations benefit from working with us:


  • Offer the most advanced technology to patients
  • Enable staff to more effectively handle their patient load
  • Shorten hospital stays without compromising quality of care
  • Reduce short term re-admission
  • Improve insurance reimbursements


Reliable, Accurate Insights for Physicians


As part of our comprehensive service, we provide equipment like the Vivo 50 that offers remote monitoring services. Both our internal staff and the patient’s treating physician can use to gain insight and adjust treatment protocols. This technology and our availability to serve patients with expert respiratory care limits the need for doctors to be on-call for respiratory patients


Easing the Burden for Case Managers


Transitioning from the facility to the home is also faster and more efficient. Case managers are relieved to find that Pulmonary Prevention can help them execute due diligence and coordinate the transition process with other vendors.


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